Association of British Fungus Groups  'The website of the U.K.s leading charity in mycological conservation.'

British Mycological Society (BMS)  For information about the society and its activities. See the section on Resources for the Recommended English Names for Fungi and links to the recording database. The site also contains information about courses run by the BMS.

Field Studies Council (FSC) For information about courses in mycology run by FSC.

First Nature  Pat O'Reilly and Sue Parker's attractive website has pictures and articles about wildlife, wildflowers, fungi and ecology. It includes an illustrated guide to woodland fungi and a blog containing a 'fungi of the month' feature.

Fungi4schools Information and resources provided by the BMS for schools, with sections suitable for 7 year olds to 16+. Plenty of the material will also interest adults.

The Foodies Handbook website is 'designed to be an authoratative reference manual, a practical and comprehensive guide to all things food.' The section on 'Mushrooms' contains well-illustrated descriptions of edible and poisonous mushrooms.

MycoImage Look in the 'albums' section for superb images produced by professional photographer and mycologist Michael Pilkington  using 'a fairly new technique to produce extended depth of field images of small objects' . Fascinating for anyone interested in fungi and/or photography.

Roger's Mushrooms Roger Phillips' excellent website contains over 3000 pictures of fungi with alphabetical index and keys for identification.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust For information on SWT Reserves where many of our forays are held.

YouTube  For video report of very large fungus found in Poland in 2013