Common Fungus Survey

Can you recognise the
Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria, and other distinctive species? If you can, we need your help.

Since the Staffordshire Fungus Group was formed in 1994, regular forays have added a large number of new species to the county list. However, the commoner species tend to get overlooked and are under-recorded. So we have selected an initial ten species which are common and easily recognised and we aim to improve the distribution mapping of of these species throughout the county. Detailed descriptions can be found in any good guidebook on British fungi, and we have produced a leaflet on these ten species, which you are welcome to download.

If you find any of these fungi, please let us know. Click here for how to tell us and what information to include.

The picture of the Giant Puffball appears by kind permission of 'The Foodies Handbook' The others have been provided by SFG member Chris Voisey.

 Birch Polypore  Coral Spot Fungus Giant Puffball
 Shaggy Inkcap

 Fly Agaric
 Jelly EarKing Alfred's Cakes
Candlesnuff Fungus